What is APPS?

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What is APPS?
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What is APPS?
APPS Nationally
American Para Professional Systems (APPS) is a national paramedical company ( www.Appsnational.com )  with nearly 25 years experience providing producers with the highest quality service.

APPS has over 70 regional offices throughout the United States and Puerto Rico and is approved by over 500 insurance companies, including your own.

Each regional office is operated by a caring professional whose success is determined by your success.  Accordingly, your applications are handled by someone who has as much interest as you do in having your clients examined quickly and accurately.

APPS Regionally
Your regional APPS office is operated by David Baime.  Like you, David is an entrepreneur who has a vested interest in providing the highest quality paramedical service available to his clients.

This means high priority treatment on each and every one of your cases to insure fast and accurate service.  With an experienced internal management team and a vast network of professional examiners across the state, we cover all your paramedical needs in Massachusetts.

Quietly, our solid reputation for hard work and expert service has emerged through over 20 years of operatoin in the state.

By going the extra mile and caring about how we service you and your clients, we are committed to building a relationship and earning your trust.

"We have Massachusetts covered"

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