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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is David Baime and I am the Director of APPS - Massachusetts. I acquired the Massachusetts entity in August of 1992 and am the third in succession of Regional Directors.

Looking back, it is certainly the best thing I have ever done because, like many of my clients, it afforded me the opportunity to run my own business. There is no better feeling than the ability to manage your own time and navigate through the challenges of building and maintaining a successful organization with your own personal spin. It is very gratifying and I feel extremely fortunate to have found the opportunity and be in the position I am. I am very lucky.

I am originally from the New York City area (actually northern New Jersey to be precise). Yes, this means I still do have a loyalty to some of the NY/NJ teams (I'm a big Giants and Yankees fan), but over the years I have developed an affinity for most of the local teams as well. I came to Boston to get my MBA at Boston University. Prior to that I received a BA at the University of Rochester.

Prior to APPS, the bulk of my work experience was eight years at The Boston Company (now owned by Mellon Bank). I was an investment analyst in the Treasury group - mostly managing fixed income portfolios and interest rate risk.

I am often asked how I got into APPS and the paramedical business from this background? Well, the connection related to my New Jersey roots. Our neighbor has operated the APPS - New Jersey office for many years. Through him I was somewhat familiar with the business. One day we happened to be talking on the telephone and he told me what he had heard through the grapevine - the Massachusetts entity was ready for a change of management. The rest is history and a lot of hard work.

Other than APPS, my interests are golf, investments and meteorology.

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